olympic tennis at wimbledon

Lisää Olympilaisista! Vielä tämä viikko vietetään erittäin tarttuvaa olympilahuumaa sitten ehkä vähitellen palataan tavalliseen rytmiin. Meillä on vielä yhdet liput: miehen jatkuvan netissä kyttäämisen  tuloksena onnistuimme lopulta saamaan kullankalliit liput yleisurheiluun. Ehkä kerron prosessista myöhemmin, mutta tällä hetkellä en oikeasti enää koskaan halua nähdä Olympilaisten lippupalvelun sivuja…

Tenniksen olympiavoittajat ovat jo selvillä, finaalit taisteltiin eilen. Mies oli hyvin tyytyväinen  lopputulokseen! Me vietimme aurinkoisen perjantain All England Lawn Tennis Clubilla eli Wimbledonissa. Centre Court , Wimbledonin pääkenttä ja place to be, lippujen kanssa meitä ei onnistanut mutta olimme tyytyväisiä toiseksi parhaaseen. Semifinaali päivänä Court No1:llä pelattiin naisten ja miesten kaksinpelit sekä naisten yksittäinen.

Wimbledon, Centre Court. And look, I managed to find the Finnish flag!

Wenlock the mascot. Looking good, love the ‘tennis ball’! Central London is dotted with Wenlock figurines, but this one is by far the cutest.

Ever since I was little I have wanted to be a ball girl or help to pull the covers off. Such a Wimbledon ritual.

Double denim and my spectator fedora.

First match, women’s doubles USA – CZE. Most people spent the morning on Murray Mount / Henman Hill watching matches on the Centre Court.

Sharapova serving.

And she won (the very boring) match against another Maria, Kirilenka.

Now men’s doubles were a lot more exciting! Very fast paced. This match went on forever. It was back and forth but eventually after 3.5 hours Les Bleues managed to win the match just before the light went.

Murray – Djokovic on the Murray Mount. The screen backs onto the Court no.1 and while we watched the men’s doubles we could hear quite a few oohs and aahs and cheers coming from the hillside.

Time to head home. When heading towards the car park very loud whoops told us that Murray had made it to the finals.

Isn’t it lovely to just switch on the telly and there’s archery, cycling or show jumping going on at weird times of day? Olympic fever has well and truly taken over, another week and I may be able to pen a post without mentioning the o word. We still have event to go to this week. After spending most of his waking hours checking this website my Husband’s perseverance paid off and he managed to get athletics tickets. Olympic Stadium, here we come!

Everyone knows what happened in the Olympic tennis, whoop-whoop for Murray! We were lucky enough to get Wimbledon tickets in the first ‘draw’ and spent a lovely day at the Court No.1 on Friday (no, we weren’t lucky enough to get the coveted Centre Court tickets). Order of the day women’s doubles, women’s singles and men’s doubles. Wimbledon is just lovely… loved every minute of it!


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