birthday presents for toddlers

Välillä tuntuu että taaperon sosiaalinen kalenteri on täydempi kuin vanhempien. Sunnuntaina on jälleen kutsu käynyt syntymäpäiväjuhliin, juhlijana on Boototin NCT vauvakaveri  ja juhlapaikkana Gymboree. Joten lahjaostoksille mars!

Huhtikuisilla kuvasin Boototin lahjoja: muistoksi ja muistutukseksi. Kaikki lahjat olivat kivoja, mutta nämä ovat osoittautuneet suosikeiksi.

Somethimes it seems like Bootot’s social calendar is busier that mine. On Sunday we are heading to yet another birthday party and again at the Gymboree. Time to go pressies shopping again! 

In April I took some pictures of the present given to Bootot. Everything he received was lovely, but these have been our favourites.

This was a lovely idea: bookends and a national book token gift card (card is valid in most independent or chain book stores) for Bootot to choose books he likes between to the bookend. I am so going to steel this idea! Or maybe alternatively you could give a book token gift card with personalised ex libris stamp

And this is what Bootot chose (with a little help fom his parents). 10 Little Penguins pop up book. Bootot also received several other lovely books to broaden the bed time story library.

DinoTech 1.0. Fun, plastic and noisy with flashing lights – what’s not to love. When you press the button on dinosaurs head it plays music and dances around in circles on the floor roaring and clattering his terrible teeth. Very funny,  I myself find it hilarious!

Clothes are lovely to buy and useful but I find them tricky to give: getting the size right to being with. Bootot received this lovely no 2 long sleeve tee from a friend of mine, but size is rather generous for our little mite (he still fits in his B&B no 1 shirt from last year!).

My mum only buys very practical presents (she thinks Bootot already has got too many toys and rightly so). Fjällräven Kånken Mini is Bootot’s nursery bag, and black PoP wells are to go with the rain suit she bought when I admitted Bootot didn’t have waterproof overalls for playing outside when it’s wet (rain or snow is no excuse staying indoors in Finland.

The cheapest present, £2 double decker from a souvenir stand on Oxford St, has proven the most popular present. Bootot is mildly obsessed about buses at the moment!

Mitä ostin sunnuntain pakettiin? Lego Duploja, kuten aina. Ne ovat suosikkitaaperolahjani. Kaikki lapset (ja vanhemmat) pitävät Legoista, ne ovat kehittäviä, pitkäaikaisia ja kahden saman lahjan sattuessa molemmat voi vain lisätät kokoelmaan.

So, what did I buy for Sunday’s birthday boy? Lego Duplo selection box. It’s my standard boring toddler present of choice. All kids like Lego’s and all parents approve them, they are educational, encourage creativity, have longevity and you don’t have to worry about if they already have the same toy: you can just add to the collection.


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