jubilee street party

Elizabethin kruunajaisten 60-vuotisjuhlaan kuului olennaisena osana katujuhlat. Katujuhlat ovat sitä mitä nimi kertoo: suljetaan kadunpätkä ja kannetaan taloista pöydät kadulle. Tarjoilu toimiin nyyttärihengessä, kaikki tuovat jotai tilanteeseen sopivaa purtavaa. Juhlissa voi olla ohjelmaa, naamiaskilpailuja, köydenvetoa, tms. Meidän jubilee-viikonloppu alkoi poikkeamalla naapurikadulla järjestettyyn juhliin.

Our Jubilee weekend started by popping round to a street party on Saturday. 

Organising committee setting up.

Yep, no point trying this way.

Party time! According to Hubby the man in the linen suit is a known former war correspondent and MP, who I’m not familiar and hence can’t remember his name… shame, no name dropping here. 😉

Food was impressive, everything from salads to very professional looking sweet pastries. I was little embarrassed to bring (homemade) sausage rolls and cupcakes, but my personal experience is people are most likely to go for ‘easy food’.

Originally we weren’t planning to deck the house with decorations, but after all the neighbours had at lead bunting like this hanging from the front hedge, I couldn’t help myself. Morning dash to local shops and I managed to find some (olympic) bunting and other props.

And here are the offering we took: lemon poppy seed cupcakes and chorizo sausage rolls. Lemon poppyseed cupcakes were really quick to make, the recipe is more simple that usual beat-butter-and-sugar-add-egg but to my surprise these turned our nice, light and fluffy. Sausage rolls were just simply chorizo style pork sausages rolled in the all butter puff pastry.


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