summer dressing

Tässä vaihteeksi pitkästä aikaa asukuvia. Aurinkoisen viikon trikookokoelma: kaksi ekaa ihmisten ilmoilla liikkumiseen, kaksi viimeistä kotona hengailuun. Alkukesän auringossa kaikki rehottaa, joten note to myself: tilaa puutarhuri leikkamaan pensasaidat.

Wear what pictures for a change. Jersey, jersey and more jersey… first two for going out and about, and last two home comforts. Note to myself: get the gardener to cut the privet hedges!

My favourite outfit of the week! I’m loving chevron stripes at the moment so if anyone knows where to find a nice chevron maxi dress, skirt or anything, please do tell! This Phase Eight skirt is the only one I have come across so far. Maxi skirt: Phase Eight, top: Ella Moss, sandals: Kat Maconie, satchel: Lilifi, belt: Asos, sunglasses: RayBan

Hahah, incognito indeed, like a disguise from ‘Allo ‘Allo! Now do straw hats shrink over winter? Or perhaps my head has expanded… I know I have a big head (literally), but after a winter in storage I really had to squeeze this one on. Dress: Almost Famous, trilby: Comme des Garçons, scarf: Lily&Lionel, sandals: Salt-Water.

This week self tan has come out of the bathroom cupboard twice. Two layers of Make Believe mousse and I’m still ‘pale and interesting’. Dress: NW3, sunglasses: RayBan.

Footnote: I have been updating the social media icons, but it appears my WordPress theme stubbornly changes all the sizes back to original. As a result the logos in the right hand column have been a bit less modest. I think it’s best just to create something myself, so working on it… Meanwhile hope the massive logos are not too annoying!

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