summer time

Kesä, uskallanko sanoa, näyttäisi vihdoin olevan täällä! Aurinko paistaa pilvettömältä taivaalta, ulkona voi kävellä paljain varpain ja ikkunat saavat jäädä yöksikin auki. Pojan kesälenssu tarttui myös minuun, pieni common cold ei tahtia haittaa. Eläköön Lemsip!

Dare I say it, summer is here! Blue skys, temperature soaring, perfect! However, a late bout of common cold is doing rounds in our house, Bootot has passed his bug on to me. Small cold can’t get me, hurray Lemsip!

New old style everyday sandals in action: Sun San Salt-Water Sandals (what a mouthful). Nail polish:  Jermyn Street by Nails Inc. Bootot wears Boden play set and Superga trainers.

Diamond Jubilee weekend is still a week away, but our neighbours are already getting into the spirit with Union Jack bunting and flag decorations. Looking good! 

Ugh! Chief Sitting Bull has spoken: I need to stop blogging on a sunny afternoon. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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